Miley Cyrus' Shocking Talk-Show Fashion Evolution: From Real Pants to Pasties!

The 22-year-old star and provocateur completed her talk-show fashion evolution on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, showing up with no shirt under her dazzling rainbow jacket, a pair of heart-shaped pasties the only thing separating her bare breasts from the world.

Not to mention Jimmy Kimmel himself, who needed a few moments to get past the sartorial shock in front of him. (Just kidding, he never got past it.)

Jimmy probably should've seen it coming, though, since the last time Miley appeared she barely wore pants. And yet, she did wear both halves of the key one-pant, one-shirt continuum.

Now, Miley is damn proud of her place in the zeitgeist, the singer and host of Sunday's 2015 MTV Video Music Awards thoroughly basking in this moment that's allowing her to reveal what she wants, when she feels like it and how she feels like it, be it in a formal interview or on social media. But it seems like only yesterday she wore more clothes when she sat down and talked to people.

Let's take a closer look at some of her talk show appearances through the years and see how she went from cute-as-a-button teen star to the sultaness of shock:

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Straight Outta Charlotte Russe on The Tyra Banks Show: Then only 16, Miley was casually all dolled up for a daytime-TV appearance in April 2009 in a formfitting yet conservatively cut black mini and gray top with all sorts of sleeve action taking place. Her hair was long, her only noticeable accessory was a chunky statement necklace...a perfect outfit to wear when Dad is about to join you for a family-friendly sit-down in syndication.

Miley Cyrus, Talk Show Fashion, Late show With David LettermanJeffrey Ufberg/WireImage

Exploring Her Options: At 17, Miley got edgier in leather bell bottoms (no, those are not fisherman's gaiters) and a belted tunic top to chat with David Letterman and belt out "Can't Be Tamed" on late-night TV. But we're sensing a style forming—check out the see-through top (it had low-cut sides too) that allowed the bra underneath to shine. We could picture her in the exact same thing today, only there'd be nothing on under that shirt. And probably no pants.

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