DIY Fashion: Skinny Sweatpants that are Totally Cozy

Skinny sweatpants are just as cozy as an oversized pair, but you get to be comfortable and feel good wearing them!

Come on, y’all, I know I’m not the only one with an oversized pair of comfy sweatpants that could use a little DIY fashion makeover. This tutorial takes an old pair of sweatpants and turns them into skinny sweatpants without sacrificing comfort.

If you’ve got a closet full of skinny jeans, why not sew up a pair of skinny sweatpants for lounging around the house that are just as stylish? The best part about this tutorial is that it’s very basic, so you don’t need to be great at sewing to do it. Even a beginning seamster can follow this DIY fashion tutorial easily!

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Liz over at Cotton and Curls shares how she turned a frumpy old pair of sweats into stylish skinny  sweatpants with a ruched leg. I used her tutorial on a pair of my own sweatpants, and I can tell you: my new skinny sweats are just as comfortable as they were when they were giant, but now I’m not shy about answering the door when I have them on!

Skinny Sweatpants: Testing the Tute

There were a pair of frumpy sweats in my dresser that I’d been wanting to alter, so I tested this tutorial out on them.

Liz’s tutorial says to skip a few steps if your pants don’t need to come in a whole lot, but I’m lazy and skipped to step four despite needing to take the legs in several inches apiece. My skinny sweatpants fit just fine, but if you’re a perfectionist you may not want to skip steps one through three.

I also skipped the ruching on the legs, because I didn’t want to lose the warmth of full-length pants. They’re still cute without those extra steps, and it took me maybe 30 minutes total to do.

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